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WRG!La Bohemia:   Radio is now Beautiful.Jimena Mazucco

Let’s consider for a moment that about two decades ago, radio personalities were the most “unconventional” looking people in the entertainment arena.  Today; that’s more of an exception rather than the rule.  Deejays are now, for all intents and purposes…famous.

Jimena Mazucco is one of the few radio personalities who could probably pull off a career in front of the TV, in glossy magazines and…hey, one of the few who has a personality to back it all up.  

Working as the bubbly voice behind the fashion world, Cadena Ser (Madrid Norte, 89.6FM) she dissects the best and worst looks - all while looking great…and never in a “Fashion Police” murderous kind of way.

Mazucco is a regular on the most exclusive guest-lists; fashion shows, premieres, concerts, grand openings…think fast - do we want her job?  Hell yes!

Words Compiled By:  Sam “Aimee” Remani


Jimena Mazucco

Jimena en Cadena

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